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Slandering Others Anonymously Podcast Episode #36

On this episode, Mike returns after another long layoff with a whole bunch of reviews, ranging from blockbusters (Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness), to documentaries (Taxi To The Dark Side, Which Way Is The Front Line From Here?), to indies (Mud, Upstream Color). All that and random other stuff!

Listen to or download the show below, and click “read more of this post” to view a complete breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode.

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DAILY BULLETIN: Big ol’ update! Sundance, random news, a trailer…

Greetings everyone!

Apologies about the lack of updates in the past several days. Things’ve been busy around here (catching up with friends/family, podcasting, working, plotting world domination, etc.). Anyways, today’s update is all over the map: Sundance talk, random bits of news and speculation, and yes, a trailer. Let’s go…

Sundance reactions
I follow a boatload of film critics on Twitter, and since the Sundance Film Festival is going on, what better way to get short, pithy reactions to films the rest of us plebeians won’t see for months? I’ve combed through the tweets, and collected the most negative and the most positive reactions to a bunch of the films I’m interested in. I’ll also give you an overall sense of where the early consensus lies. And in case any of the movies I mentioned aren’t familiar to you, the titles are linked to the IMDb pages for the films, so you can get more info that way.

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DAILY BULLETIN: Under The Dome miniseries, Gravity has a release date, more on Upstream Color

I couldn’t find anything too thrilling in my daily scrounging, so today’s update will be short and to-the-point.

Under The Dome miniseries premiere date revealed
under-the-domeCBS has announced the airdate for the first episode of their upcoming miniseries Under The Dome (based on the Stephen King novel). Deadline reports the first of 13 episodes will air on June 24th. The show has a typically King-ish high-concept premise: a small town in Maine (where else?) is suddenly and randomly sealed off from the rest of the world by a large, transparent dome, and chaos ensues. I’m not terribly excited about the miniseries, mainly because the book wasn’t great. When it comes to King’s books, the destination is rarely as good as the journey, and that was absolutely the case with Under The Dome. I really love his style of writing, but he always seems to paint himself into a corner and then just go, “Deus ex machina to the rescue!”

Despite my reservations, I’m still looking forward to King’s next book, Joyland, which is about an amusement park serial killer. It comes out in June, under the Hard Case Crime imprint.

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metropolis-posterSorry guys, no time for even a short edition of the Daily Bulletin today. I am utterly exhausted. The perils of working full time and trying to write daily blog posts (even short ones) are quickly becoming apparent…

That said, I did get a chance to do a little browsing around a few movie blogs before work this morning, so below I’ve collected a few links to some movie-related stories that might be of interest. Hopefully there’ll be some good news to talk about tomorrow. Otherwise, see you Monday! reports a rich crazy person has purchased a rare poster for the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis for a cool $1.2 million. And I thought Mondo’s posters were pricyMetropolis remains on my list of shame, by the way. I look forward to seeing it someday.

Another teaser trailer for Shane Carruth’s new film Upstream Color came out. You can read a bit about the film in an earlier edition of the Daily Bulletin. I think I like this one even better than the first.

-Andre Dellamorte has a series of articles up on about his visit to the set of Gangster Squad. He interviewed the director Ruben Fleischer, as well as stars Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Robert Patrick, and Giovanni Ribisi. Some good stuff in these write-ups.

-The Golden Globe nominations have been announced, and The Hollywood Reporter has the list. You can check it out and draw your own conclusions, but I see some weird stuff right off the top. The list for best comedies seems pretty suspect. Les Miserables? Admittedly I haven’t read it, but I got a good deal of the way into it once before getting sidetracked and not much of it struck me as a hilarious good time. Similarly, Salmon Fishing On The Yemen? Not a comedy. I thought it was a good film, or at least a decent one, and it did have a few laughs (many of them courtesy of Kristin Scott Thomas). But yeah, not a comedy.

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DAILY BULLETIN: Michael Cimino, Clerks III, Upstream Color, Early reaction to Zero Dark Thirty

Michael Cimino joins Twitter
The account hasn’t been verified yet, but it appears director Michael Cimino is now on Twitter (@cimino1939).

(Edit: Since the publication of this post, the account has been revealed as a parody. Oh well.)

Cimino is best known for two things: directing the war epic The Deer Hunter (for which he won two Oscars in 1979), and following it up with Heaven’s Gate (one of the most notorious flops in Hollywood history, it earned just $3 million on a budget of $44 million in its domestic run). Things have been pretty quiet since then. Cimino has barely a handful of credits in the decades since. Excluding his contribution of a segment in 2007’s A Chacun Son Cinema, his last directing job was 1996’s The Sunchaser.

His tweets thus far have been quite interesting. Click on through to read some of the highlights.

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