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DAILY BULLETIN: Big ol’ update! Sundance, random news, a trailer…

Greetings everyone!

Apologies about the lack of updates in the past several days. Things’ve been busy around here (catching up with friends/family, podcasting, working, plotting world domination, etc.). Anyways, today’s update is all over the map: Sundance talk, random bits of news and speculation, and yes, a trailer. Let’s go…

Sundance reactions
I follow a boatload of film critics on Twitter, and since the Sundance Film Festival is going on, what better way to get short, pithy reactions to films the rest of us plebeians won’t see for months? I’ve combed through the tweets, and collected the most negative and the most positive reactions to a bunch of the films I’m interested in. I’ll also give you an overall sense of where the early consensus lies. And in case any of the movies I mentioned aren’t familiar to you, the titles are linked to the IMDb pages for the films, so you can get more info that way.

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