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DAILY BULLETIN: A very tentative top 10 for 2012, plus what’s next for Boyle, Anderson, and Tarantino

First off, I hope your Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) was as good as mine. I gorged on turkey, spent time with my family (most of whom I haven’t seen in months), and didn’t get sick! We’re actually doing a “Christmas: Part II” this weekend because my sister and brother-in-law got sick and couldn’t make it to our secret Santa exchange.

On the movie side of things, I missed out on seeing Django Unchained. I’m really hoping to see it this weekend, and get a podcast done as well. A lot of it will depend on travel schedules. Fingers crossed!

Alright, on to the news…

Top 10 of 2012… for now
avengers-posterFirst up today is my top 10 films of 2012. It’s an extremely early look at what the final list will be. I won’t have a proper list until just before the Oscars. And that list will include write-ups for each entry, unlike this one which is just the titles. But I thought since it’s the end of the year now, I’d at least give out what my current top 10 are, just for the sake of interest. Without further ado…

10. The Master
9. The Raid
8. The Sound Of My Voice
7. Looper
6. The Dark Knight Rises
5. Margaret
4. The Grey
3. Moonrise Kingdom
2. The Cabin In The Woods
1. The Avengers

Again, I can’t stress enough how incomplete this list is. There are a ton of films I haven’t even seen yet that stand a very good chance of stealing a spot. And some of what’s there already could very well shift around. For example, The Master is almost surely a better film than The Raid, but The Raid is much easier to size up. The things it does well are plain to see, whereas the virtues of The Master are much subtler. Long story short, I need to see The Master again to get a better handle on it.

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Some thoughts on The Avengers

There’s been a somewhat shocking lack of anything related to The Avengers here on the site. I mean, it is crushing box office records worldwide. And two years ago I called it my most anticipated upcoming film. So what gives? Well, for one thing, what can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? I mean, there are 255 reviews of this thing on Rotten Tomatoes right now. And most of those were up before I even saw it.

You don’t need me to tell you the movie’s awesome and well worth your time. But it just seems really strange to pass it by without any kind of comment. Maybe when the DVD comes out, I’ll revisit it then.

For now though, I thought people might be interested in a short conversation I had about it with Michael Walls-Kelly (WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND).

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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is a mixed bag, saddled with an overcrowded plot and some uneven dialogue, but thanks to a few great performances and decent action scenes, it’s ultimately a successful sequel.

One of the film’s biggest issues stems from the timing of its release. An Avengers movie is on the horizon. This necessitates shoehorning in scenes with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and some barely there hints about Captain America. These help act as a set up for The Avengers, but they also distract from the main plotline here. Johansson and Jackson are reduced down to cameos (although Johansson does get some fun fight scenes), and they aren’t helped by the weak dialogue they’re given. The characters simply aren’t given time to develop, and don’t feel organic to the story.

The acting is generally good. Robert Downey Jr. is again perfect as Tony Stark, and Gwyneth Paltrow does a great job as Pepper Potts. The changing dynamic in the relationship between these two was one of my favourite elements of the film. The exchanges between them also contain the film’s best writing. That said, I was slightly crushed to see my favourite line from the trailer (the callback to Jerry Maguire) did not appear in the theatrical version of the film.

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