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DAILY BULLETIN: The origins of Looper, Michael Giacchino’s bio, Django’s history, the 2012 Black List

It took me awhile to find much worth sharing for today’s daily bulletin. I even tweeted that I wasn’t doing one. Well, I lied! Okay, so there weren’t any big announcements or new trailers to dive into or whatnot. But I did find some interesting stories in my poking around. Here goes…

Rian Johnson’s original idea for Looper
looper-posterOver on his official website, Rian Johnson posted a cool artifact from early on in the development of his film Looper. He writes:

“This is the original four page sketch for Looper, written in 2002. At the time I intended to film it, just with a video camera and a few friends, but we never did and it sat in a drawer for seven years. It’s presented here for the curious, exactly as I wrote it ten years ago.”

I was a fan of Looper, although as with most time-travel movies I still want to give it a second look just to unravel it all (maybe with Johnson’s commentary track next time). So reading this is quite interesting. I’m not sure how it would’ve looked on film. Obviously it’s very narration dependent, which makes sense given how difficult it is to communicate the complexities of this story in a short time span. The feature-length version of Looper still made use of narration here and there, but much more sparingly.

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Upcoming films to keep an eye on (part two)

As promised, I continue my look at upcoming films I’m looking forward to. We continue the top 10 with some sci-fi goodness.

5. Source Code

The story:
This sci-fi tale stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier investigating the terrorist bombing of a train. He does so by travelling back in time to before the attack, but apparently the time-travel technology limits him to arriving just 17 minutes prior to the detonation, meaning he has to work fast.

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