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DAILY BULLETIN: Duncan Jones to direct the Warcraft movie, Paperman is available online, Rian Johnson chats with Kevin Smith

I’ve only really got one piece of actual news for today. I guess a few things have happened, but I can’t really work up much excitement for the first image of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, or the poster for Trance, or casting updates for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Those are nice tidbits, but you can read about them at the links above, sans my insightful analysis.

Instead, I’ll hit you with the big news for the day upfront, and follow up with a couple of cool little things…

Warcraft movie to be helmed by Duncan Jones
wow-logoThere’s not much for me to say here, except consider me officially interested in the Warcraft movie. Up ’til now, I really couldn’t have cared less. I liked World Of Warcraft alright, but MMOs aren’t really my thing. And originally this movie was supposed to be handled by Sam Raimi, who didn’t really light my fire either. I love his horror stuff (particularly Army Of Darkness and Drag Me To Hell), but his leap into the big budget world with the Spiderman movies was a letdown. Well, okay, the first one was good. And I guess the jury’s still out on his upcoming Oz movie. Anyway, that’s irrelevant now…

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Upcoming films to keep an eye on (part two)

As promised, I continue my look at upcoming films I’m looking forward to. We continue the top 10 with some sci-fi goodness.

5. Source Code

The story:
This sci-fi tale stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier investigating the terrorist bombing of a train. He does so by travelling back in time to before the attack, but apparently the time-travel technology limits him to arriving just 17 minutes prior to the detonation, meaning he has to work fast.

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