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Something Ends, Something Begins

In case anyone out there still visits this page from time to time in the hope that more content might someday appear, I’m here to say “hope no longer!”

This sounds depressing, but is actually good news. You see, while this site is closing its doors, I’m not giving up on writing about movies just yet. Instead, my movie-related writing will be appearing over at The Geek Infusion. A lot of the content that’s there right now is video game related, but I’ll be adding stuff about movies to the mix very soon.

I think this is the spot where I’m supposed to wax philosophic about what this site has meant to me over the years, but that seems a bit pretentious for a blog that only has a handful of readers at best. So instead I’ll just say thanks for those of you who visited this site, and I hope you’ll visit me at the new one!

Changing the subject

Merry Christmas to all!

Things have been characteristically silent around here, but I assume you’re used to that by now. I just wanted to pop in and mention that when I’m not busy neglecting to update my own website, I do on occasion take the opportunity to write elsewhere.

In addition to being mad about movies, I’m also an avid gamer. But I’ve never really tried my hand at reviewing games before, and obviously that kind of thing wouldn’t fit on this site anyway. Fortunately, my friend Matthew runs his own site geared toward the video game world, The Geek Infusion.

Awhile ago I bugged him about doing some writing and he was kind enough to let me ramble on about Far Cry 4 for a couple thousand words. So if that seems like it might be of interest, you can check out my review of the game here. And definitely read some of his stuff while you’re visiting. Unlike me, he actually updates pretty regularly.

See you all in the new year!

Some recommended podcasts

Since I’m trying to start up a podcast of my own, this seems like a good time to promote some of the movie-themed podcasts that I like (not that any of these guys need my help). So if you thought my first episode was okay, but would rather listen to people whose work is much more professional sounding and better produced than mine, try these podcasts on for size! To some degree, all of them helped inspire me to start my own thing.

  • Widescreen Warrior: Rafe, Margaret and (Sometimes) Tim survey the new release landscape, talk about movie news, and focus in on the career of a new artist (actor or director) every month.
  • The Slashfilmcast: Dave, Devindra and Adam talk about movie news, discuss what they’ve been watching, and review a new release. They’re usually joined by a guest. In most cases it’s someone who writes about film, but sometimes they bring on directors too.
  • Creative Screenwriting Podcast: Jeff interviews a different Hollywood screenwriter every episode. Past guest have included Paul Haggis, Mike Judge, and Rian Johnson.
  • Film Sack: Scott, Brian, Brian, and Randy review a different B-movie every week. Usually these films are terrible, but sometimes the guys find the occasional gem. Either way, their comments never fail to amuse and entertain me.
  • Scene Unseen Movie Reviews: Now tragically defunct, but this was an excellent podcast while it lasted (over 150 episodes). Chris saw the movies, Jimmy didn’t, and hilarity ensued.