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The site lives! Now with video! Other exclamatory sentences!

Hey all…

First up, apologies for the lack of updates over the past months. To quote the last line of a great film, “Time just gets away from us.” But hey, Oscar season is upon us! Expect further updates in the near future. Specifically, my top 10 films of 2013, and my picks for Oscar night.

In the meantime though, here’s a little something I thought people might be interested in. If you’ve seen and loved Her, as I did, you probably loved the soundtrack. One of the best songs therein is “The Moon Song” by Karen O, performed in the film by Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix. So here’s me, explaining how it’s played. Enjoy and seeya again soon!

Subscription to Paperblog

I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username mikelake.

Hey there readers. As you might’ve surmised from the message above, I’m now subscribed to the Paperblog service. Basically it’s a blog-sharing system. So the upshot is I might be able to attract some new eyes to my little corner of the interwebs. Just had to post that message as part of their validation procedure.

On a more movie-related note, my Oscar picks will be posted shortly. As in, very shortly.

Announcing a new feature on the site

Film and ReelAlright, so here’s the deal. I don’t have much time for writing these days. Wait, no. That isn’t right. I have time for writing, but I choose to use it for other things. Like watching movies, reading, learning not to suck so bad on the guitar, etc. But it’s time for a change.

Writing is fun, and if I can’t get paid for it, then I might as well do it for nothing. At least that way I’ll get some practice. Hopefully keep my skills sharp. Or at the very least not let them dull too much.

Okay, enough preamble. The point is that starting today I’m going to be writing blog posts about… well, whatever. Movie and TV related stuff. My reactions to little pieces of news that come out. That kind of thing.

I’m going to try doing this daily, but I don’t know. Inevitably, there’ll be slow news days, and there’ll be big news days. So some posts might only be a few sentences, others, a few paragraphs. Either way, they aren’t going to be super-detailed breakdowns. Think of them more as news bulletins: “Here’s the news, here’s what I think about it, on to the next thing.” Headline, lede, a few grafs, done.

This first one should be pretty easy since I have some news saved up. Look for it shortly.

Podcasting news

Howdy people! Just wanted to announce a couple of podcast-related items. First up, it looks like I’ve found a regular co-host for the Slandering Others Anonymously podcast. Joining me on future shows will be my good friend Matthew Burt.

Secondly, I’ve joined his podcast, Radio Free Warcraft (we recorded our first episode together last night). I probably don’t know even a hundredth of what Matthew knows about WoW, since he’s been playing the game for years and I’m a complete MMO newb with just a couple of months under my belt. That said, I’ll be doing my best to get up to speed. If nothing else, my newbishness should prove amusing for all the WoW veterans out there.

Another update about the site

Just a little while ago, I threw out a list of ideas about things I might do with the site, and after a little thought, I’ll be implementing the last of those ideas (discussion of film news) on a limited basis.

In a way, it’s the easiest thing to do. I forgot that you only get a limited number of WordPress themes unless you pay – so that’s out. And hosting the site on its own dot com is more expensive than I realized (though dot info domains can be had for a song). And the podcast thing requires organizational skills and probably more investment of money, plus finding people who’d actually be interested in doing it.

So there you have it, editorial decision-making via laziness/poverty.

Stay tuned for the site’s first bit of movie news, which will be posted shortly.

(Edit: Decided to also incorporate a bunch of movie news blog posts I wrote throughout the last year for my now-defunct news blog. To take a look at any of the old news blog posts I wrote, you can click on the “Movie news” or “TV news” categories in the right-hand navbar.)

State of the blog address

First of all, if you’ve been following this blog on Blogspot (aka Blogger), hello and welcome to our classier digs here on WordPress!

It’s been a fun time doing these reviews. It started out as something I just had to do for a class, then expanded into something I did more in my own free time. And I plan to continue on.

Initially, one of the goals of the blog was to review films from all different eras. This goal remains, even though I’ve been leaning heavily on newer releases lately. There are so many blogs that look at new releases, but a smaller number seem to focus on older films. I want to help point people who are interested in seeing older films toward stuff that’s worth watching.

On to administrative stuff… The look of the site will probably be evolving in the next little while. WordPress has about a billion themes (possibly an exaggeration), so I’m still browsing. I may also be purchasing a domain (same one as now, but without the “wordpress”). I’m also thinking about starting up a podcast, but I’m still mulling over what sort of format it might use.

And last on my list of grandiose ideas, I may start covering film news. That one’s maybe the least likely. So many places do it already, so it’s not like I’d be breaking any news. It’d really just be another facet of the site separate from movie reviews where I’d have a chance to offer up my thoughts.

The biggest enemy of this site right now is everything else in my life. Right now I’m at school, so that’s killing me. After that, I’ll be working (god knows where). I want to try to keep updating regularly, but keep in mind that I make no money from doing this, so updates may be sporadic, depending on the other demands in my life.

Hang in there and keep reading, I’ll do my best to keep writing.

Plans for the future…

So, my academic obligation to this space has concluded for now. Or perhaps permanently? I don’t know…

Here’s what’s up. I’m having fun. I like movies and I like to write, so combining these two things seems only natural. So I plan to keep writing here. If all it comes to in the end is me getting my thoughts in order, so be it. If people read this and enjoy it and learn about some great movies that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise, so much the better.

So aside from my one slip up, I’ve always done movies from different decades thus far. At a certain point, I’m obviously going to run out of different decades. I basically have four decades left to glimpse at (1940-1949, 1930-1939, 1920-1929, and 1910-1919). Now, movies were around for about a couple of decades before 1910, but once you get back that far, the pickings get rather slim. I just don’t know how easily I’d be able to get my hands on stuff that’s 100 or more years old.

My first order of business is going to be to cover those four decades I haven’t yet. After that, the world is basically my oyster. I’ll continue to try picking a variety of movies. I’ll continue to attempt to pick things that I think many people might not ordinarily watch. Part of my goal is getting people (myself included, and perhaps most importantly of all since I could easily be talking to myself at this point) to expand their horizons. I expect I’ll be sticking to movies that I enjoyed for the most part. Since I won’t be doing this for marks from now on, I can’t see the appeal of taking my spare to to write about something I didn’t like.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be talking about new releases the way I had hoped to when I started this. I haven’t been to the movies in ages. If it’s not out on DVD, odds are I won’t write about it.

In terms of frequency of posts, I make absolutely no promises. If I watch something I’m really jazzed about then I’ll probably write about it. If not, there might not be much going on here for extended periods of time. As it stands there’s a movie I’d really like to write about right now, but unfortunately for me it was not filmed between the years 1910 and 1949. So I’ll set that aside for the time being.

There should be a new post here in the next week or so.