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About The Site

Slandering Others Anonymously is a website dedicated to reviewing movies, and discussing movie-related news. Right now, I do all the writing for the site. My name’s Mike Lake, by the way. I also co-host a podcast called, appropriately enough, the Slandering Others Anonymously Film Podcast. That’s a show I do with Matthew Burt.

You might be wondering “Why’s it called ‘Slandering Others Anonymously’ if you give your names?” Good question!

I guess the site name is a little homage to Kevin Smith. He’s a filmmaker who kind of came out of nowhere, and went on to achieve success, all the while making the kind of movies he wanted to make. I don’t expect to achieve comparable success (in fact, I’ll be stunned if I ever make a dime from this blog), but I do take inspiration from his “self-starter” origins. For those of you still lost, there’s a line of dialogue in one of his movies that goes, “That’s what the internet’s for: slandering others anonymously.” Hence the name of this little operation.

Site history:
Slandering Others Anonymously opened its doors on September 24, 2008. Of course, it wasn’t called that then. At that time, the site was simply called “Mike’s Movie Blog”. It was a project born as much out of necessity as out of interest. I was in Loyalist College’s print journalism program at the time. As part of the program’s requirements, I had to blog about something. I chose movies.

Originally, the mandate of the site was to review films from all different eras of cinema history, with a focus on under-appreciated gems. These days, most of the focus is on more contemporary movies, as well as commentary on film news. There hasn’t been as much writing in the last little while since the focus has really turned to the podcast.  But I intend to continue writing reviews when the opportunity arises.

My history with films:
I’ve been interested in movies for probably getting close to 20 years or so now. My memory has never been the greatest, but some of the earliest titles I can remember seeing in theatres came out in the early nineties. As a young kid, my interest was never really that strong. It didn’t really develop until around high school.

In high school, I lived a short bike ride away from a really nice 24-screen theatre. And back then tickets didn’t cost an arm and a leg, so friends and I would go as often as possible.

I began to see movies as more than simple entertainment about the time I started university. I took a couple of film analysis classes, and really began to be fascinated by the art of deconstructing movies, as well as the history of film as an art form.

I ended up not finishing my degree, but my interest in movies got stronger and stronger. I took some time away from school to work and acquaint myself with the horrors of minimum wage, before deciding to give college a try, which, as I mentioned, eventually led me to set up this blog.

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