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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Starry Eyes

starry-eyesStarry Eyes is a difficult movie to pin down. On the surface, it’s a horror story that calls to mind Ti West’s The House Of The Devil (i.e. it’s a slow burn with gradually escalating tension and an utterly insane final act). There’s perhaps more of a social commentary aspect to Starry Eyes, so on that level the screenplay feels vaguely ambitious, like it’s trying to make a point. But I’m not entirely sure how successful it is in doing so.

The story concerns an aspiring actress, Sarah (played by Alex Essoe). She winds up getting an audition for a role that could be her big break. At first it seems to go terribly. She has an incredibly awkward experience with two humourless and condescending casting agents (played by Marc Senter and Maria Olsen). But then she gets a callback, so it looks like she might have a shot at this role after all. Only in order to secure the part she has to… Ahem. Well, I’ll let you imagine.

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