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Oscar post-mortem

lupita-nyong'oIf you skipped the Oscars broadcast and were planning to watch it later, I’d like to take a few moments and save you three and a half hours. Here’s what you missed:

Gravity crushing the competition to win 7 Oscars, including best director for Alfonso Cuaron.
American Hustle going 0-for-10 and messing me up in my Oscar pool.
-Inoffensive material from Ellen Degeneres that pissed Twitter off just as much as the “offensive” material from Seth MacFarlane last year. There’s just no pleasing the masses…
-A gag about pizza that went on way, way, way, way, too long.
-Harrison Ford nearly falling into a coma while reading a teleprompter.
-John Travolta introducing Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazim” for some reason. And not correcting himself.
-John Ridley giving director Steve McQueen the cold shoulder before accepting his award for best adapted screenplay. What was that about?
-Bill Murray spontaneously paying tribute to his departed friend Harold Ramis.
-Another appearance of Pharrell’s hat, either the worst or best thing ever, depending on who you ask.
-A beautiful acceptance speech from Lupita Nyong’o.

You’re welcome!

On a personal note, I managed a respectable 18/24 picks in the end, which is not terrible considering how things started out. The documentary features, animated short, and live short categories all eluded me early on, but I rallied.

I was super pleased to see Spike Jonze win for original screenplay, even though I picked against him. I loved his movie but I was just convinced American Hustle would take that one.

The other major award I missed was for editing, where I picked Captain Phillips (it went to Gravity instead). I guess I just didn’t think the Academy would heap so many awards at that film’s feet. Not that it didn’t deserve them or anything. I just feel like they tend to spread the love more.

My other highlight of the night was seeing Emmanuel Lubezki take home the Oscar for best cinematography. He should’ve won last year for The Tree Of Life (or, hell, in 2007 for Children Of Men) so it was good to see him get his due, even if it did come at the expense of Roger Deakins, who’s now sitting on 11 Oscar nominations and no wins. Hopefully the universe will rectify this injustice as soon as possible.

To sum up the night, I’ll leave you with Steve McQueen fake clapping for John Ridley. Seeya next year!


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