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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Slandering Others Anonymously Podcast Episode #34

On this episode, Mike returns (again) after a long absence filled with computer problems, illness, and gaming (and more gaming). This utterly off-the-cuff episode focuses on a small number of films, including a couple from last year and one that’s currently in theatres. Listen to or download the show below, and click “read more of this post” to view a complete breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode.

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THE MARQUEE: Yes, I’m still alive

veronica-mars-movie-logoUgh, shit… Has it seriously been almost a month since the last update? Time is flying. I felt like I was finally getting into the habit of updating this thing a few times a week, but it got away from me there awhile. Continued computer problems, a killer stomach flu, other junk. Well, both myself and my new computer are operating at 100% right now, so enough with the sob story, let’s talk about movies!

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