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Monthly Archives: February 2013

THE MARQUEE: The Onion said something mean about Quvenzhané Wallis and people are mad!

I don’t editorialize much here on SOA. Okay, that’s not true – pretty much the entire thing is one long editorial. But usually I’m saying things like, “I liked this actress in blahblahblah, so I’m looking forward to her next movie.” You know, simple stuff.

But sometimes in this silly old world, controversies so ridiculous pop up that I feel like I should say something. I present you the following tweet posted during the Oscars last night (only a screengrab, because the original tweet has since been deleted):

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THE MARQUEE: And the Oscar goes to…

ang-leeWell, that went better than expected: I correctly predicted 19 of the 24 Oscar winners, my best performance ever! I’ll start with a quick rundown of what I missed, and segue expertly into a short recap of the night.

There were no huge surprises as far as my misses are concerned. Documentary short is always a tough call. I went with Open Heart but Innocente won. Production design is another tricky one. I opted for Anna Karenina (thinking this award would go well with costume design, which I was more certain Karenina would take). Lincoln got it instead (it wound up being the film’s only Oscar, except for the expected Daniel Day-Lewis best actor win). Sound editing is the category that probably screwed a lot of people in Vegas this year, as it was declared a tie between Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty. I don’t even get half marks, as I randomly guessed Life Of Pi (even after having the difference between “sound editing” and “sound mixing” explained to me multiple times, I’m still not entirely sure I know which is which).

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The 2013 Oscars – Predicting the winners

oscar-posterAlright, here we go again – time to pick me some Oscar winners! I’ve been pretty consistent in my past attempts (18 correct in 2010, 16 in 2011, and 17 last year). It’d be nice to get above 20 for once, but as usual it won’t be an easy task. There are a fair number of gimmes of course, but many of the categories remain wide open.

In the past, I’ve simply posted my prediction list sans commentary. But this year I thought I’d expand on my thought processes a little, at least for some of the categories. I’ll either be documenting my brilliance or chronicling my stupidity. So, fun either way!

Best Picture: This category is almost a sure thing, with Argo emerging as the surprise front-runner. It won best picture at the BAFTAs, the Critics’ Choice Awards, and the Golden Globes. Lincoln took the Producer’s Guild Award, but at this point it’s a distant second, even though I found it to be the superior film. I’m (grudgingly) penciling in producers Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Clooney as the winners for Argo.

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Subscription to Paperblog

I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username mikelake.

Hey there readers. As you might’ve surmised from the message above, I’m now subscribed to the Paperblog service. Basically it’s a blog-sharing system. So the upshot is I might be able to attract some new eyes to my little corner of the interwebs. Just had to post that message as part of their validation procedure.

On a more movie-related note, my Oscar picks will be posted shortly. As in, very shortly.

THE MARQUEE: Awards roundup, random news bits

ben-affleck-baftasOkay, even by my relaxed standards it’s been too long since the last update. Oh, on a related note, I’m retiring the name “Daily Bulletin”. From now on, these blog posts will run under the title “The Marquee”. Short, sweet, and not quite so misleading.

I haven’t actually done much since the last update: I got a new computer, broke it in record time, ordered another, worked, saw a single movie (Side Effects, it was alright)… That pretty much brings you up to date. It’s looking unlikely that the new computer will arrive before the Oscars, which means I won’t get to do a podcast. But you can definitely still expect write-ups on my Oscar picks and my top 10 for 2012.

In any event, surprisingly little of note has gone on in the world of movies since the last update. Awards-wise, Argo was the big winner at the BAFTAs, taking best picture. Ben Affleck topped the competition again to grab another best director win. A similar storyline unfolded at the WGAs, where Chris Terrio won best adapted screenplay for Argo. Meanwhile, Zero Dark Thirty scribe Mark Boal took home the award for best original screenplay.

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DAILY BULLETIN: More video game movies, Star Wars rumours, Godzilla reboot news, The Grey storyboard

Alright, I’m going to have to make this a quick one since I have to get up early tomorrow. There’s precious little solid news to discuss anyway, so it works out okay. Let’s start with some speculation…

Half-Life or Portal movies a possibility
abrams-newellThe 2013 DICE Summit is going on this week, and filmmaker J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell (you probably know him, but if not, he’s the co-founder of Valve Software, the company that makes the Half-Life and Portal games) were onstage together today to lead a discussion about storytelling. At some point, the conversation got to the possibility of Bad Robot (Abrams’s production company) and Valve joining forces.

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DAILY BULLETIN: Random news updates and a bunch of trailers!

emily-vancampWhat’s up everyone? I trust you enjoyed Superbowl weekend? I celebrated by watching a couple of De Palma movies, and Independence Day (with a commentary track from the fine gents at Filmsack). I turned the game on just in time to see San Francisco almost do something cool and then not. Meh, I’m a hockey fan.

Since I’m Canadian, I didn’t get the benefit of seeing the Superbowl commercials, which as we know is half the point of tuning in. No biggie, since all the ads get posted online these days anyway. There were a bunch of movie trailers in the mix, but I’m not gonna get into those here. If you missed anything, Film School Rejects has a good summary. It’s almost all mass-appeal action stuff, so there’s not a whole lot for me to say.

Fortunately, I have a whole different batch of trailers to discuss!

First though, a couple of quick updates on some other things. In a previous bulletin, I mentioned the shortlist to play Sharon Carter in the upcoming Captain America sequel. Well, throw that list away! The part has reportedly been cast, and it’s going to Emily VanCamp (that’s her above). I’m not familiar with her work, but she’s done a ton of TV (Revenge, Brothers & Sisters, and Everwood). She’s also Canadian, so that makes her awesome by default. Beyond that I can’t tell you much.

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