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DAILY BULLETIN: Random news bits, and more trailers!

A pretty light news day today, unless you care about the National Film Registry, which added 25 films to its roster… Okay, well since I brought it up, a full list of the new additions can be found here. The films added to the list this time around span more than a century, from 1897’s The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Title Fight all the way to 1999’s The Matrix. It’s good to see A League Of Their Own in the mix too. It’s significant to me personally because it’s the first movie I can remember seeing in a theatre. I woulda been around six.

Also, Bryan Singer will be executive producing a new version of The Twilight Zone series for TV. He’s produced lots of TV in the past, most notably House M.D., for which he also directed the pilot. I would definitely like to see him take a stab at directing a Twilight Zone episode, so I hope he takes the opportunity. He’s been a bit quiet of late (except for announcing he’ll be directing X-Men: Days Of Future Past).

Moving on, the news for today involves another trifecta of trailers.

To The Wonder

The quality here is not what you’d call tremendous, so I’ll try to update this post when a higher resolution trailer is available (Edit: Video’s been updated to HD. Damn that’s pretty). As it sits, it’s tough to judge the film based on the above clip. Because, let’s face it, half the enjoyment of a Terrence Malick movie lies in the gorgeous imagery, and that’s compromised here. I ask you, how am I supposed to enjoy the wind rustling through a wheat field in 360p?

I’m not setting my expectations too high for this one. Festival reviews from the screenings at Venice and Toronto were decidedly mixed. It’s been called overblown, overlong, pretentious, and lots of other not-so-nice things. But then, many people said the same for The Tree Of Life, which I enjoyed a great deal. To The Wonder plays in theatres April 12, 2013.

Bates Motel

I’d heard absolutely nothing about this series until quite recently. As you can see, it’s basically the origin story for Psycho. After taking a look at the trailer, I’m not entirely sold. I’ve heard Freddie Highmore is a good actor, but most of his filmography consists of stuff geared toward a younger demographic (i.e. The Golden Compass, The Spiderwick Chronicles, etc.), so I’ve never really seen him in anything. If there’s a saving grace here, it’s gotta be Vera Farmiga as Norman’s mother. I think she could really bring something to that role, which has all the potential to be a complex one. Whether or not the writers give her good stuff to work with remains to be seen.

On that front, the series looks to be in decent hands. Bates Motel started out as a miniseries, but when writers Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights) and Carlton Cuse (Lost) joined the project, A&E expanded it to a full 10-episode season. And beyond that, who knows? I hope it all pans out. Bates Motel premieres in March, 2013.

The Great Gatsby

This isn’t huge news, as there’s already been plenty to look at where Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is concerned. By which I mean the original trailer that came out months ago. This one maintains a similar tone while giving a few different looks.

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there… I’m really tired of the whole “modern music in period films” thing. I realize that’s kind of Luhrmann’s thing. But I still hate it. Well, maybe with The Great Gatsby the music’s just like that for the trailers, and the actual film will have period-appropriate music. I hope so.

I’m curious to see this movie for a few reasons. First off, I think the cast looks great. I’m becoming a bigger Leo DiCaprio fan all the time (his string of collaborations with Scorsese opened a lot of eyes, I think), I like Carey Mulligan a lot, same with Joel Edgerton (has he had a line in either trailer yet?), and Tobey Maguire? … Yeah, he’s alright. The other thing I’m interested to see is how the story hits me. I remember virtually none of it from high school, which is the last time I looked at it.  Hopefully I’ll get more out of it this time. The Great Gatsby hits theatres May 10, 2013.


2 responses to “DAILY BULLETIN: Random news bits, and more trailers!

  1. michaelwalls December 20, 2012 at 12:43 am

    What, no mention of Michael Bay’s PAIN & GAIN trailer?

  2. Mike Lake December 20, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Yeah, no so interested in that… But I shouldn’t prejudge – I haven’t actually watched the trailer yet. If I can’t find anything else to talk about I’ll discuss it next post.

    By the way, have you read the series of articles about the actual events the movie is based on? This shit is crazy…

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