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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Slandering Others Anonymously Podcast Episode #25

On this episode, we offer brief thoughts on the Oscars and the latest trailer for The Avengers. Matthew watches the BBC’s Robin Hood, as well as cartoons Recess and Fillmore. Mike reviews two films new on DVD (Like Crazy and The Adventures Of Tintin), and goes back to the eighties for a trio of classic comedies.

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Capsule reviews #1

As you know if you listen to the podcast, I watch a lot of movies. So much so that sometimes I have to decide which to talk about and which to omit entirely. No more! I’ve decided to start posting capsule reviews of anything I don’t discuss on the podcast. They won’t have a ton of detail – maybe just a paragraph or two. Enough to tell you how I feel about each movie.

There won’t be any particular theme with these posts. It’ll be a random sampling of stuff that didn’t make it into the podcast for whatever reason. And I don’t know how often I’ll need to do these little round-ups, but they’ll probably happen every once in awhile. So anyway, here’s the first batch.

Narc (2002) – A fantastic film from Joe Carnahan that I felt compelled to revisit after the disappointment that was The Grey. Okay, so most people liked The Grey –  I’m just saying I thought it could’ve been better. Anyway, the opening scene of Narc grabs you by the throat with some wild shaky-cam action, but Carnahan doesn’t overuse it the way a less skilled director might. Once that chaotic first scene is over, he switches to a more traditional shooting style for the remainder of the film.

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