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Slandering Others Anonymously Podcast Episode #13

On this week’s show, Matthew geeks out about George Lucas’s potential redemption thanks to Red Tails, and predicts doom for Battleship. Mike offers up thoughts on Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens, and Midnight In Paris, and can’t remember why he liked  High Plains Drifter so much.

Listen to or download the show below, and click “read more of this post” to view a complete breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode.

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Show Notes:

[0:00-1:06] Intro

[1:06-26:45] Trailer discussion (click titles to see the trailers)

[26:45-30:43] Possible directors for Die Hard 5
[30:43-38:38] Casting calls

  • [3o:43-31:45] Trance adds Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel
  • [31:45-33:43] Community season 3 guest stars: Michael K. Williams & John Goodman
  • [33:43-37:02] Casting announcements for Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer’s next film Gangster Squad
  • [37:02-38:38] Casting for RIPD, the next film from Robert Schwentke

Give That Man A Job!
[38:38-46:40] Alan Rickman

What We’ve Watched
[46:40-1:01:33] Captain America: The First Avenger
[1:01:33-1:08:25] Cowboys & Aliens
[1:08:25-1:15:30] Midnight In Paris

Matthew & Mike
[1:15:30-1:22:11] High Plains Drifter

[1:22:11-1:24:16] Preview of next episode
[1:24:16-1:26:08] Outro/contact info


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