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Slandering Others Anonymously Podcast Episode #9

On this week’s show, we review a ton of films, including Fast Five, The Hangover 2, and X-Men: First Class. We also discuss True Grit (new on DVD this week), and various other news.

Listen to or download the show below, and click “read more of this post” to view a complete breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode.

Download .mp3 (Right click -> Save as)

Show Notes:

[0:00-1:00] Intro

[1:00-13:55] First teaser for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
[13:55-20:51] Comic concept “The New Kid” ( by Penny Arcade creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins optioned by Paramount
[20:51-26:08] Steven Spielberg on Jaws Bluray and digital touch-ups

Give That Man A Job!
[26:08-31:32] Michael Caine

What We’ve Watched

[31:32-44:09] Vigilante Movies

  • [31:32-36:37] Harry Brown
  • [36:37-40:08] Death Wish
  • [40:08-44:09] Hobo With A Shotgun

[44:09-1:00:25] Random Other Movies

  • [44:09-51:52] Shock Corridor
  • [51:52-1:00:25] My Darling Clementine

[1:00:25-1:19:35] Now Playing

  • [1:00:25-1:03:08] The Hangover 2
  • [1:03:08-1:09:47] Fast Five
  • [1:09:47-1:19:35] X-Men: First Class

[1:19:35-1:24:52] Harry Potter 4 & 5
[1:24:52-1:30:49] X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Mike & Matthew
[1:30:49-1:53:18] True Grit

[1:53:18-1:54:55] Update Star Wars: The Old Republic and related podcast
[1:54:55-1:58:45] Outro/contact info


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