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Some recommended podcasts

Since I’m trying to start up a podcast of my own, this seems like a good time to promote some of the movie-themed podcasts that I like (not that any of these guys need my help). So if you thought my first episode was okay, but would rather listen to people whose work is much more professional sounding and better produced than mine, try these podcasts on for size! To some degree, all of them helped inspire me to start my own thing.

  • Widescreen Warrior: Rafe, Margaret and (Sometimes) Tim survey the new release landscape, talk about movie news, and focus in on the career of a new artist (actor or director) every month.
  • The Slashfilmcast: Dave, Devindra and Adam talk about movie news, discuss what they’ve been watching, and review a new release. They’re usually joined by a guest. In most cases it’s someone who writes about film, but sometimes they bring on directors too.
  • Creative Screenwriting Podcast: Jeff interviews a different Hollywood screenwriter every episode. Past guest have included Paul Haggis, Mike Judge, and Rian Johnson.
  • Film Sack: Scott, Brian, Brian, and Randy review a different B-movie every week. Usually these films are terrible, but sometimes the guys find the occasional gem. Either way, their comments never fail to amuse and entertain me.
  • Scene Unseen Movie Reviews: Now tragically defunct, but this was an excellent podcast while it lasted (over 150 episodes). Chris saw the movies, Jimmy didn’t, and hilarity ensued.

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