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Trailer for The Social Network looks surprisingly good

A little late to the party  – and this will often be the case with movie news on this site, I’m not here to break stories since Ain’t It Cool, CHUD,, Cinematical, /Film and a million other sites are already doing that – but I have to say I was pretty impressed by the trailer for The Social Network.

I’m catching a real Pirates Of Silicon Valley kinda vibe, except less cheesy. Same sort of backstabbing and skulduggery being done by young tech-heads, same broad distortions of the facts for the sake of a good story, but brought into a more modern context and backed by an awesome director.

Initially, I was one of the many who thought the idea of a Facebook movie was pretty stupid. I mean, really, David Fincher? Facebook? As a movie? It seemed only a small step up from Ridley Scott doing Monopoly or Peter Berg doing Battleship.

But this trailer, the best I’ve seen since last year’s trailer for A Serious Man,  changed my whole perspective on the film. It doesn’t show much footage, but it still sets up a really intriguing tone. And that cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” (done by a girls choir peculiarly billed Scala & Kolacny Brothers)… That’s pretty damn epic.

As I read more and more about this, I get more and more interested.

The cast looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. Zombieland was one of my favourite popcorn movies of 2009, and I really enjoyed Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus. Here, he’ll be playing Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The trailer definitely sets him up as the Bill Gates-ish villain of this story, so I’m looking forward to see him playing a completely different character from when I last saw him.

I have yet to see Andrew Garfield in anything, sadly (must watch Boy A sometime!), but I’ve heard good things, and this role might give him a bit more exposure prior to the release of the new Spiderman movie. That’s him smashing Zuckerberg’s laptop as Eduardo Saverin, another Facebook co-founder.

I was also a fan of Joseph Mazzello in HBO’s The Pacific, so it’ll be good to see him again. I couldn’t spot him in the trailer but he’s playing Dustin Moskovitz, yet another Facebook co-founder, so I’m hoping he’ll get some good screen time.

I don’t even mind seeing Justin Timberlake in there as Zuckerberg’s advisor/Facebook president Sean Parker. The trailer paints him as the “hip nerd” who dangles money in front of Zuckerberg, perhaps contributing to his Machiavellian rise.

Add in a score by Trent Reznor, who I always find interesting, and it could be a winning formula. With the film’s release slated for the first of October this year, I’ll have to wait awhile to know for sure, but right now I’m feeling like I should’ve known better than to doubt Fincher.

Oh yes, the only bad thing I can find to say is this… To all directors: please stop including scenes of your characters writing on windows, mirrors, or similar surfaces. I know you’re just trying to make calculating mathematical formulas seem visually interesting, but it’s really gone beyond cliché now. Seriously, knock it off.


4 responses to “Trailer for The Social Network looks surprisingly good

  1. Mike Walls July 21, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    I’m also ridiculously excited about this movie. The trailers have been phenomenal and the cast is great. Also, the screenplay, which is written by Aaron Sorkin(of “The West Wing” and A Few Good Men fame), is apparently fantastic.

    Also, regarding Andrew Garfield, he really is very good. His work in Lions for Lambs, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Red Riding is great.

    • Mike Lake July 21, 2010 at 10:41 pm

      Wow, didn’t know that about the screenplay. Anticipation just went up another notch.

      And haha I didn’t even realize Andrew Garfield was in Lions For Lambs. I guess it would’ve helped if I wasn’t half asleep (or completely asleep at times) when I saw the movie. Somehow the guy is completely off my radar… But as I said I keep hearing good things so I’ve been trying to catch something with him in it lately.

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