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Another update about the site

Just a little while ago, I threw out a list of ideas about things I might do with the site, and after a little thought, I’ll be implementing the last of those ideas (discussion of film news) on a limited basis.

In a way, it’s the easiest thing to do. I forgot that you only get a limited number of WordPress themes unless you pay – so that’s out. And hosting the site on its own dot com is more expensive than I realized (though dot info domains can be had for a song). And the podcast thing requires organizational skills and probably more investment of money, plus finding people who’d actually be interested in doing it.

So there you have it, editorial decision-making via laziness/poverty.

Stay tuned for the site’s first bit of movie news, which will be posted shortly.

(Edit: Decided to also incorporate a bunch of movie news blog posts I wrote throughout the last year for my now-defunct news blog. To take a look at any of the old news blog posts I wrote, you can click on the “Movie news” or “TV news” categories in the right-hand navbar.)


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