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50 Cent’s weight loss not worth the effort

As reported in The Star, The Twittersphere (or is it Twitterverse?) was recently abuzz when rapper-turned-actor (the second one is debatable) 50 Cent posted pictures of himself looking decidedly skeletal. He starved himself down to 160 pounds for a role as a football player afflicted by cancer.

He says he drew inspiration for the weight loss from acting greats like Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, and Tom Hanks, who have all lost weight for movie roles at various times. Let’s be clear here: 50 Cent is no Robert De Niro. He’s not Ice-T, he’s not Ice-Cube. He’s not even “Marky Mark” Wahlberg. As rappers-turned-actors go, he’s pretty low on the totem pole. See, usually when an actor loses weight for a role, they’re a good actor, and the weight loss improves their performance. Usually when a rapper turns to acting, their natural charisma and emotion helps them succeed.

But 50 Cent isn’t a good actor. Weight loss isn’t going to improve his performance, it’s going to be his performance. Watching him try to emote is an exercise that leaves the viewer feel embarrassed. Some people just shouldn’t act, and 50 Cent is one of them.

His weight loss in this case all but screams out “Please, take me seriously!” But to get taken seriously as an actor, you first need to be good at it. No amount of physical transformation is going to make his performance any more convincing. He doesn’t need crash diets, he needs acting classes. Basically, he needs to learn how to walk before he can run.


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