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State of the blog address

First of all, if you’ve been following this blog on Blogspot (aka Blogger), hello and welcome to our classier digs here on WordPress!

It’s been a fun time doing these reviews. It started out as something I just had to do for a class, then expanded into something I did more in my own free time. And I plan to continue on.

Initially, one of the goals of the blog was to review films from all different eras. This goal remains, even though I’ve been leaning heavily on newer releases lately. There are so many blogs that look at new releases, but a smaller number seem to focus on older films. I want to help point people who are interested in seeing older films toward stuff that’s worth watching.

On to administrative stuff… The look of the site will probably be evolving in the next little while. WordPress has about a billion themes (possibly an exaggeration), so I’m still browsing. I may also be purchasing a domain (same one as now, but without the “wordpress”). I’m also thinking about starting up a podcast, but I’m still mulling over what sort of format it might use.

And last on my list of grandiose ideas, I may start covering film news. That one’s maybe the least likely. So many places do it already, so it’s not like I’d be breaking any news. It’d really just be another facet of the site separate from movie reviews where I’d have a chance to offer up my thoughts.

The biggest enemy of this site right now is everything else in my life. Right now I’m at school, so that’s killing me. After that, I’ll be working (god knows where). I want to try to keep updating regularly, but keep in mind that I make no money from doing this, so updates may be sporadic, depending on the other demands in my life.

Hang in there and keep reading, I’ll do my best to keep writing.


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