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Nearly 2010 and still so much to see…

So 2009 is at an end (more or less). It’s almost time to roll out another top 10 of the year list. I’ve already got a preliminary list ready to go, but there are a number of films from this year I still want to see.

Most prominent on my still-to-see list are Up In The Air and A Serious Man, both of which have been on the receiving end of some pretty lofty praise. I’d also like to check out both Precious and The Messenger at some point. I’ll probably hold off posting a top 10 until after I’ve seen these four. I plan to see Up In The Air over the Christmas break, but the others will have to wait for DVD. So much like last year, it’ll probably be around the Oscars before I get my list up.

The good news is I have a bunch of other stuff to check out in the mean time. I’m hoping to see Avatar, Ponyo, Thirst, The Informant!, The Brothers Bloom, Extract, The Girlfriend Experience, among many others if I can. The reviews for most of these have been less than enthusiastic but I’d like to give them a shot. Also still to come this year are The Lovely Bones and Sherlock Holmes. Again, both films have gotten some pretty bad early reviews. But you never know.

I don’t think there’s much point in posting my early top 10, although it might be good to do it for posterity so I can check later and see what makes the cut in the end. But no, instead I’ll hint obliquely. You know, so as to heighten the anticipation! Or not. Whatever. All I’ll say for now is my list currently consists of two war movies, two horror movies, two sci-fi movies, three comedies, and a drama.

Aside from falling far behind on 2009 releases, I’m still watching other movies when I get the chance. I recently took in Blood Simple and Miller’s Crossing, both for the second time. Both films are from the Coen Brothers, and both are pretty solid. I don’t want to say too much more because I might end up doing a longer review for one of them a bit later on. I will say that watching these films again got me even more excited for A Serious Man. The thing I love about the Coens is their consistency. I’ve seen nine of their movies and while some were better than others, I’ve definitely liked everything I’ve seen.

And I shall close out what will likely be my last post of the year on that random aside. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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